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The Best Dental Care for Puppies: 6 Tips to Follow

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The Best Dental Care for Puppies: 6 Tips to Follow

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The best dental care for puppies (and adult dogs) is as important as your own oral health! Not only does regular K9 dental care help protect your dog’s pearly whites and ensure better breath, but it also supports his overall peak physical health! 


Your pet’s dental health is so important that the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) has coined the month of February as “Pet Dental Health Month!” Keep reading to learn more about how to maintain your puppy or adult dog’s best oral health.

K9 Dental Health: 4 Important Facts

  • According to the AVMA, by the young age of just 3 years, dogs (80%) and cats (70%) will be challenged by periodontal disease!
  • If left untreated, dental disease can damage a pet’s internal organs (including kidneys, heart and liver through the bloodstream) just like in humans.
  • Regular dental care plus annual dental exams cost only a third as much as treating dental disease according to VIP Pet Insurance.
  • Consistent dental care also ensures your pet’s best overall health and comfort!


The Recipe for the Best Dental Care for Puppies
The Best Oral Health Recipe for Your Pet (Courtesy:


Next, let’s take a closer look at how to best care for your puppy’s pearly whites!

Puppy Dental Care

  • Offer the Best Dental Care for Puppies
    Happy Yellow Puppy Smiling

    If you’ve ever smelled a puppy’s breath, it’s clean and sweet with a sugary, milky scent due to its milk-only diet and beneficial gut bacteria and flora. Until 8 to 10 weeks, most puppies will have this classic, sweet-smelling breath due to the lack of bacteria, plaque or tooth decay.

The puppy’s mouth is the cleanest it will ever be at this stage!

But a dog parent can support their puppy’s best oral health with the additional tips below especially as your puppy begins to eat regular (often stinky) dog food. Regular and consistent dental care will also help prevent the development of bad-smelling bacteria and plaque from the age of 3 and beyond.

Best Dental Care for Puppies

  • When should you start brushing your puppy’s teeth? The simple answer is as soon as possible! It’s much easier to teach a young puppy to let you brush his teeth than an older dog. According to Cameron Thompsen, Dog Trainer and the founder of Hope2K9 Foundation,
    Young puppy with open mouth
    Puppies have sweet breath due to the age and diet

    you can start brushing your puppy’s teeth as early as eight weeks of age. First, find the right tool for you and your puppy!

  • A dog toothbrush that easily fits into your puppy’s mouth. (Do not use an adult human toothbrush; you can use a small kid’s toothbrush if necessary.)
    You can also opt for a finger brush; but be forewarned, your puppy may bite your finger until he gets used to the brush!
  • Or try disposable dental wipes for dogs.

, if you’re using a toothbrush, buy toothpaste made for dogs. (Never use human toothpaste!) Since many come flavored, find the taste your puppy likes best to make it easier for you both! (Avoid any alcohol or alcohol derivatives in the toothpaste you choose.)


Infographic: The 7 Ingredients to AVOID in Your Pet’s Dental Product! 


Before introducing the toothbrush to your puppy, rub a little toothpaste on his gums. Once your puppy is comfortable with the toothpaste, add some to the toothbrush and gently brush your puppy’s teeth and gums.

Remember, use lots of patience and praise as your puppy learns to enjoy having his teeth brushed by his favorite person, you!


AVMA Video: Home Dental Care for Your Pet


Remember, for the best dental care for your puppy, begin oral care early using dog-friendly products. Schedule annual dental check-ups and watch for signs of dental disease or pain for your puppy’s best oral and overall health!




Bo is a Standard F1b Goldendoodle Male Puppy
Bo, a Standard F1b Goldendoodle Male Puppy is Looking for his Forever Home!
Cooper is a Standard, F1b Goldendoodle Male
Cooper, a Standard F1b Goldendoodle Male is Looking for his Forever Home!





Bo and Cooper are looking for their forever home, is it yours?


Please email, text or call us at 870-404-0127 or 870-404-1189 for more information about upcoming litters or to get on our waiting list.


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Based on 16 reviews
Ariel Whitley
Ariel Whitley
May 10, 2022.
I got a little boy doodle from here and he is a great dog! He has the best of both breeds in him. The perfect personality and has been so easy to train. He is a great addition to my family and a perfect companion for my Pomeranian. I couldn’t be happier! I am out of state and the whole process to get him was very smooth and I have no complaints. Would definitely recommend them!
Monica Hamilton
Monica Hamilton
April 24, 2022.
We Love Our new Aussie doodle Duke! As a first time owner Mona was very nice and helpful about puppy care. She answers all questions!! She made coordinating picking up our pup supper easy!! She provided all documentation and goodies to send home with duke making his transition to his new home smooth! If you’re looking for an Doodle mix puppy I would recommend them!
Clinton Baird
Clinton Baird
April 23, 2022.
A great experience with obviously very experienced breeders. Our journey was clear the whole way. The team was great in explaining. Could not be happier with the Goldendoodle addition to our family.
Jim Conerton
Jim Conerton
April 11, 2022.
Our Sammy Joe is now 10 months old and what a beautiful dog. We have had Goldens for over 20 years so we’re very familiar with the breed. He is very healthy and very smart. Mona was so helpful when we contacted her in our search for a dog. We told her what our lifestyle was and what type of puppy we were looking for. She definitely recommend the best dog for us (thanks!) hopefully I’ll get a recent picture of Sammy and add to this post. Thanks again Jim & Paulette
Mollie Duddleston
Mollie Duddleston
April 11, 2022.
Mona and her family were wonderful to work with. She consistently gave updates as we waited for Oakley to be born. We enjoyed selecting our puppy and then receiving weekly pictures and updates as we awaited picking up Oakley to bring her into our family.Oakley is an incredible dog!! She is spunky, yet gentle. She LOVES people! She has been a fun puppy and very easy to train. She follows instructions well, and we couldn’t be more pleased with this addition to our family.We highly recommend Arkansas Bear Creek Goldens and Doodles for beautiful, well bred dogs who are sharp, smart and easy to train. Mona is wonderful to deal with and Oakley has been a wonderful addition to the Duddleston family.
Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson
April 10, 2022.
They were very professional. And they even met us half way. Quality animals. Very Healthy. Definitely would recommend this Professional Organization
Suzy Tusing
Suzy Tusing
April 10, 2022.
Three years ago we bought our golden retriever From Bearcreek, she was 10 weeks old. The next day Mona called us to check on her. Throughout Riley’s life, Mona was always there to answer questions and to help us. They truly love their dogs and it shows. I recommend Arkansas Bearcreek to anyone who wants a happy puppy.
Rebecca Moreira
Rebecca Moreira
April 9, 2022.
Could not be happier with my experience with Arkansas Bear Creek Doodles. They raise the puppies like their own with so much love and care. They were so easy to work with and brought Lexie with everything I could need to get her thorough the first few weeks of transition, including medicine in case she got sick and her favorite toy. She has been the BEST dog.
Pamela Benskin
Pamela Benskin
April 9, 2022.
Our family has purchased 2 puppies from Mona's family. Both of the are wonderful dogs. They're not only adorable, but they have great temperaments and are extremely smart. Both puppies were housebroken in only a few weeks. They're both wonderful family members. I would definitely buy another puppy from them.
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