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Arkansas Bear Creek Goldens and Doodles

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SOLD-Mini Labradoodle May 6, 2022

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SOLD-Mini Labradoodle May 6, 2022

F1b Mini Labradoodles: Born on May 6, 2022! These puppies are super cute!The Mom is a red and white mini F1 Labradoodle weighing around 25-30 pounds.  The Dad is a mini red and white Poodle weighing around 25 pounds. Puppies are expected to be around 30-35 pounds fully grown. Puppies are Available for Deposit Now! Puppies will be ready for their new homes on or after July 1, 2022.  

Meet The Parents

Ryder, Red and White Mini Poodle Sire



Ryder is a handsome red and white mini poodle weighing around 25 pounds. He has a white tuxedo on his chest and white markings on his head and chin. He also has some white on his paws. Ryder has a thick, curly coat. He has been genetically tested for the proper furnishings gene and is expected to produce puppies with thick, curly, low-shedding coats. Ryder is very spoiled and is a popular part of our family. He has a sweet temperament. He loves belly rubs and being a lap dog. He has been a great sire of our mini F1b Aussiedoodles and mini F1b Labradoodles.


Gen F1b



Breed Information
Bailey, Mini Labradoodle Dam



Bailey is a beautiful F1 mini labradoodle weighing around 25-30 pounds. She has a thick, curly reddish-brown coat with white abstract markings. She is expected to produce thick, curly low shedding coats. Bailey is a great mom to our F1b mini Labradoodle puppies. She is very sweet and loving. She loves people and has a great temperament. She has produced several litters of healthy mini F1b Labradoodles for our breeding program.

Meet Our F1b Mini Labradoodle Puppies born on May 6, 2022!

Meet The Family

Mini F1b Labradoodle Litter
(SOLD) Litter of Mini Labradoodle Puppies born on 5.6.22
Mini Aussiedoodles: New Litter Coming Soon

When fully grown, these F1b Mini Labradoodle puppies are estimated to weigh around 30-35 pounds.

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